Motors, transformators and other loads, consume more energy than the actual work they deliver. This reactive or “blind” energy consumtion increases the losses in electrical installations. 

We propose capacitor banks for compensation of this reactive energy. They reduce the electrical consumption and as a consequence, they reduce the energy costs. This approach reduces also the CO2-emissions. Our customers benefit of reduced energy costs and contribute to a better environment.    

Fixed “heavy duty” CLMD type capapcitors for LV applications offer the highest level of safety, reliability and lifetime thanks to the sheet steel case and the filling with inert granulates. Discover more details in this additional information.

Standard-power capacitors for the highest safety level: type CLMD. Also available with build-in protection (CLMD-FLB, CLMD-CB), harmonic filter reactor (CLMD-L), contactor (CLMD-FC), etc. 

Automatic p.f. compensation bank without filter reactors, in wall cabinet ot type CDWFR and with harmonic filter reactors of type CLMW-L and CDWR-L.

Automatic p.f. compensation banks for floor mounting, without filter reactors to types CDFR an CLMX and with harmonic filter reactors oftypes CLMK2-L, CDKR2-L (semi-compact cubicles) and CLMX-L, CDXR-L (industrial cubicles). 

Motor starting compensation is also available for heavy motors: it is economically possible to reduce the starting current by a factor 2 ...3. The CLMX-AB compensator makes more power available in the installation and also reduces disturbing voltage dips. CLMX-AB 

For very dynamic loads, the extensive THYRA range of tyristor controlled banks is available.


We offer a very wide range of fixed and automatic systems for p.f. compensation, filtering, network support at motor starting etc. An overview of the MIKA-family: